Prémiére von Across auf dem Tête-à-tête

On 30.5.2024 we celebrated the premiere of our new play “Across” at the Tête-à-tête in Rastatt. We performed our new 50-minute performance about communication, its obstacles and challenges directly around the Rosensee pond in the park of the Margrave’s Palace in Rastatt. In contrast to “über_brücken”, “Across” addresses more clearly political but also interpersonal themes of cohesion and coming together.

What have you always wanted to say to someone on the other side of your street, the fence or the other side of the river?

At the same time, our audience had the opportunity to exchange messages with the audience on the other side of the bridge via postcards for the first time. The letters will of course remain with us and the written messages will not only be sent from one side to the other, but also through time and to new venues.

In perfect weather, around 1000 people gathered around the water lily pond and enjoyed our performance. Many thanks for the great feedback, conversations afterwards and, above all, the many loving, heartfelt and funny messages you sent with us.