Evening filling Show “über_brücken”

We are in a mysterious place that has captivated people for centuries. Those who live here live in the ruins of a bridge, between forest and river and sky.

Photo: Katja Menz

The evening filling show “über_brücken” is about the construction of a bridge across a mysterious river. Five people try to cross the river: Some dare the daring balancing act over a rope, but they soon realize that only building the bridge can unite them.

A mystical aura surrounds this place and keeps stalling the process. And then there is this strange, mysterious creature…

Again and again it meets the actors on, under and between the bridge elements and enchants them. In the end, it seems to depend on this very creature whether the bridge can really be built and thus the river overcome.

Strange occurrences and mysterious incidents kept holding people back from completing the bridge. Some claim to have repeatedly felt the presence of something ghostly or heard a voice in the sound of the river.

Photo: Andreas Schwarz

We want to build bridges – across chasms, distances and doubts. At a time when walls are once again being
walls are being built and bridges are being torn down, we deal with the conditions, resistances and chances of building contacts. The piece “über_brücken” tells of the construction of a wooden bridge spanning eight meters. A materialized understanding, once it stands. Until then, it remains a contestable utopia that can only come to life through the will to approach each other despite everything.

Inspired by people who take the initiative in the face of great challenges, we create a piece that inspires to dare to cross the abyss. Even if fear and doubt are unavoidable companions – through the physical construction of a bridge, the audience experiences how even a few people can change life’s realities and create a new path through a strong vision, courage and will.

And so the bridge on the river remains a scene of myths and mysteries, a place where the fabric of reality becomes thin. A place and a mystery that attracts the curious and the brave alike…

Foto: Alexander Hage

Marcel Sparmann (marcelsparmann.com)


Verena Stenke (VestAndPage)


Philipp Stiller
Hjalmar Stamatopoulos


Henning Wiedemann

Stage design/ Technical Lead

Justinus Portenier

Funded by

Technical requirements

6 m free height, 16 m x 2 m free area, of which the outer 3 m x 2 m must be solid ground.
If you are not sure whether your location is suitable, please contact us: technik@cirque-on-edge.com. We can develop a functional set-up concept individually for many, even special locations. We would be happy to visit the desired location with you in order to formulate a concrete offer.


Single rain showers with longer dry moments are no problem. In the event of prolonged rain, the bridge must be covered. During the installation, we observe the rain radar and decide on the procedure in consultation with you.

Depending on the desired level of performance, we decide together with you, in terms of safety, what is possible in the given weather situation.