Installation “The Bridge”

“The Bridge” is a performative installation where we build a wooden bridge spanning 8 or 10 meters. Whether in the park, at street festivals we offer the audience a real eye-catcher.

At a time when walls are being built again all over the world, we need to keep exploring how we can become bridges ourselves.

As bridge dwellers, our performers allow this installation to flow through the transformation of separation and connection, bringing it to life and ultimately becoming part of the bridge itself.


Marcel Sparmann (


Verena Stenke (VestAndPage)


Philipp Stiller
Hjalmar Stamatopoulos


Henning Wiedemann

Stage design/ Technical Lead

Justinus Portenier

Technical requirements

6 m free height, 16 m x 2 m free area, of which the outer 3 m x 2 m must be solid ground.
If you are not sure if your location is suitable, please contact us: We can develop a functioning set-up concept individually for many, even special locations. We would be happy to visit the desired location with you in order to formulate a concrete offer.


Single rain showers with longer dry moments are no problem. In case of prolonged rain, the bridge must be covered. During the installation we observe the rain radar and decide in consultation with you how to proceed.

Depending on the desired level of performance, we decide together with you, in terms of safety, what is possible in the given weather situation.