Evening filling Show “Across”

What have you always wanted to say to someone on the other side of your street, the fence or the other side of the river?

The 50-minute circus play “Across” uses circus techniques such as acrobatics, a vertical rope and, above all, a ten-metre wooden bridge to tell the story of the obstacles, challenges and pitfalls of communication. But one thing is clear: without communication and cooperation, we will not be able to bridge any chasms.

But starting something – a new thought, a new project, a new love – means equipping oneself with a magic against separation and isolation, something that can only happen with great courage and great tenderness.

Already before the show, the audience has the opportunity to write postcards at the venue and post them to be sent to the other side. These letters become an immediate part of the performance and can be read on the other side.

Our lives depend on it. To start again and again.

So, let’s start again. Again and again and again…


Marcel Sparmann (marcelsparmann.com)
Anne Reuper (la-ann.de)


Louise Relle
Caroline Klein
Hjalmar Stamatopoulos


Philipp Stiller
Hjalmar Stamatopoulos


Sofia Chionidou

Stage design/ Technical Lead

Justinus Portenier

Technical requirements

6 m free height, 16 m x 2 m free area, of which the outer 3 m x 2 m must be solid ground.
If you are not sure whether your location is suitable, please contact us: technik@cirque-on-edge.com. We can develop a functional set-up concept individually for many, even special locations. We would be happy to visit the desired location with you in order to formulate a concrete offer.


Single rain showers with longer dry moments are no problem. In the event of prolonged rain, the bridge must be covered. During the installation, we observe the rain radar and decide on the procedure in consultation with you.

Depending on the desired level of performance, we decide together with you, in terms of safety, what is possible in the given weather situation.