The ensemble “Cirque On Edge” was formed at the beginning of 2023 and consists of 6 artists. With their different training, experiences and life paths, they bring together interdisciplinary ideas, think around the corner and perform a balancing act between imaginative artistry and circus theater with their productions – always with the goal of both entertaining and thought-provoking.

Caroline Klein – Performer/Aerialist

Caroline began her training as a circus artist in 2010 in addition to her Master’s degree and she realizes her art on vertical rope, vertical scarf and straps.
Starting with clown and circus pedagogy training at the Jojo Center for Theater and Artistry, she has since been attending world-renowned courses and workshops in artistry, theater and dance.
Since 2018/2019 she has been performing solo as well as with the companies “Geometrica” and “Taxivi Kompanie” at international festivals. Since fall 2020 she is a permanent ensemble member of the comic opera “The Jungle Book” directed by the Italian opera director Pier Francesco Maestrini.

Justinus Portenier – Bridge-Engineer, Performer/Acrobat

Justinus is a trained carpenter and industrial climber and has experience in stage design and prop construction. Since 2019 he has been developing the construction of the bridge and its artistic construction concept. He has been involved in various projects in Switzerland, France, Spain and Portugal as a performer and technical supervisor. He also plans and realizes installation/artistic projects with Highlines. His disciplines are handstand, slackline and partner acrobatics. Justinus plays accordion.

Daniel RellePerformer/Acrobat, Slackwire

Daniel has been performing across Europe since 2018 in collaboration with companies such as “Nose theater” (Spain), “Freak Fusion Cabaret” (Hungary), “Gang színház” (Hungary), Golem Theater (Hungary) as well as in the self-founded duo “flexoncirc”. Daniel graduated from the international circus and theater school “CAU” – centro de artes urbanas in Spain.

Louise Relle – Performer/Acrobat

Louise has been performing hand to hand acrobatics and hula hoop across Europe since 2018 in the duo “flexoncirc” as well as in larger companies such as “Nose theater”(Spain), “Bethlen Téri színház”(Hungary) and the Golem Theater (Hungary). Born in Munich, she is a trained dance and gymnastics teacher and studied at the international circus and theater school “CAU” – centro de artes urbanas in Granada. 

Hjalmar Stamatopoulos – Musician, Performer/Acrobat

Hjalmar has many years of experience as a guitarist and bass player in various bands and was part of the musical “Dracula” at the Stage school in Hamburg. As an acrobat, he has been on stage in various contexts, including the “Rendevous of the Best”. Since 2021 he forms the company TriOnTheFly with Henning Wiedemann and Clara Groeger.

Henning Wiedemann – Performer/Acrobat

Henning trained from 2020 to 2021 at the Ecole du Cirque Jules Verne in Amiens, France, with a focus on “Main à Main”. Besides the circus discipline, dance and theater were also part of the training. Back in Germany, he is now part of the acrobatic trio “TriOnTheFly” alongside Cirque On Edge and most recently performed on stage at the Theaterfestspiele Wunsiedel.

Photos: Berca Fotografie & Videografie