Lübeck (Krähenteich)

Each bridge has its own history, its own myth.

From 29.09.23 to 03.10.23 we performed on our bridge over the Krähenteich in Lübeck. With the support of Kulturfunke, we were able to put on a new production. In addition, all the local people in Lübeck really supported us. Thanks to the Altstadtbad am Krähenteich, the Hotel zur alten Stadtmauer, the engineering office Peter Kröger.

We played our first performance on Friday morning for the schools of Lübeck. After the performance we went into conversation with the pupils. In the exchange, we answered questions about the project, the development and the specific challenges. Thank you for the open discussion, the feedback and the extraordinary interest in our project.

Photos: BERCA Fotografie & Videografie

It was a magical atmosphere with the light, the reflection in the water and the fantastic audience. Thanks to all the participants, the season in Lübeck was unforgettable.

Photos: Andreas Schwarz


Marcel Sparmann (marcelsparmann.com)


Verena Stenke (VestAndPage)


Philipp Stiller
Hjalmar Stamatopoulos


Henning Wiedemann

Stage design/Techical Lead

Justinus Portenier

Light & Sound

Silvan Haselbach
Carolin Philippi

Safety diver

Karl Schrader


Altstadtbad Krähenteich

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